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FIFA 18 is getting closer every single day. In this category you will find everything to do with FIFA 18 whether it’s news, rating predictions or anything else you can imagine!

EA & Origin Access allows you to play FIFA 18 Early 0

How to play FIFA 18 Early

Playing FIFA 18 Early can give you a huge advantage. It’s very easy to play FIFA 18 early, it will however come at an extra cost. If you can’t afford the extra cost you...

5 FIFA 18 Icons confirmed 0

FIFA 18 Icon Ratings Confirmed

FIFA 18 Icon ratings have been confirmed. Who are they and what are their ratings? In FIFA 18, it’s not just 1 rating per legend card. We now have Icon stories that take you...


What are the best FIFA 18 Kits?

Some of the best looking FIFA 18 Kits around. There’s very little in FUT that people care about more than their kits. Often people will not enter a game because they’re not able to...


Is the Chinese Super League in FIFA 18?

Chinese Football is getting stronger and stronger. Will we see the Chinese Super League in FIFA 18? You would most likely be lying if you were to say you’ve not heard about the rise...